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Some people dream of success. I make it happen.


I offer different strategies depending on your Forest Management Units (FMU's).  I take landowner objects and meld in my knowledge of Forest Planning.  This gives the landowner complete control, except for unknown severe weather occurrences, which the landowner should be directed in the right actions and may need to amend the forest management plan to meet new conditions if damage was to occur. 


Forest Inventory & Mapping


HD Forestry uses a Trimble SC with ArcMobile and ArcGIS 10.1 for data entry and mapping.  While I was in school I made excel spreadsheets that offer volume calculations and appraisals.  


Forest Management Planning


My consulting services focus on my client's most critical issues and creating landowner objectives through Forest Management goals.  I provide a full range of management services to help landowners manage their forests to maximize the economic, aesthetic, and recreational values of the land.


I like to bring deep, functional expertise, because I love what I do and I love bringing my success to my clients.


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